What Do Your People Really Mean to Your Business?

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Hello organizational performance, meet accountability.


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How do owners and executives know if a salesperson is a company misfit or superior performer?

Engaging people and converting them from problem finders to solution creators is foundational to advancing the culture, performance and profitability of a company.

High performance people rarely, if ever, need to be micro-managed. Micro-management exists to appease managers who have tried a variety of techniques that didn’t work out so well. This is their attempt to create activity and measurement for under-performing people who likely don’t align with the accountabilities required by a specific positio

When micro-management doesn’t work as a technique, owners, executives and managers are still left asking the critical question…What next?

Many companies have great talent with incredible potential.

What owners, executives and managers within those companies may lack is an awareness of how to turn that potential into a tangible and distinct competitive advantage. When leaders favor a subjective bias ahead of an objective overview towards people, it is predictable that they will limit their people, culture, performance, and profitability.


Perpetual Development helps you know which of your people are performing and where to invest next.

When Organizations Get Honest: They Evaluate Emotional Intelligence.

Emotional intelligence is the ability to perceive, control, and evaluate emotions. Your human capital is your company’s core resource. For business leaders, emotional intelligence is a significant factor because people respond to what impacts them emotionally – what will capture the attention of your human capital?

As a leader, are you increasing the levels of intensity, and inspiring performance and personal accountability?

Can you generate measurable energy within the company? A cultural assessment is the initial action in business transformation. The outcome is measurable – sustained growth and exceptional profitability.


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