Giving Yourself Permission to Focus on the Now

Don’t Read This

This is a blog post by a 23-year-old millennial with a physiology degree who somehow ended up in sales.

If you haven’t guessed already: I’m Brent’s son, Bryce Patmos.

Why did my dad ask me to write this week’s blog post? What value can a 23-year-old add to Thoughtwave and to your week? Trust me, I asked myself the same thing. But as I started to think about it, being my father’s son and pursuing a career in sales myself has positioned me to understand many things others my age haven’t had the chance to see.

Who Cares?

I currently work for the 3rd largest IT staffing firm in the Nation, building relationships with managers and being a resource, regardless of time or day, when a need arises. In this business and in this industry, I am my own product. And just like products need descriptions, I found myself needing one too. As a young professional, I’m striving to define me--not others defining me, not social norms defining me, but me defining me. This is important because the definition and image that I portray for myself now is one that I will carry with me as I develop in my career.

I’m often confronted with people saying, “Who cares? You are young, it doesn’t matter.” But the fact of the matter is I care deeply because I’ve seen the impact of this initiative firsthand.

I grew up with an entrepreneurial father. I was fortunate enough to watch him build his own business in his own vision and witness what it means to give your all day in and day out, no matter what. I watched as my dad constantly refined his approach and focus and felt the impact of his awareness in his own identity.

As a result, I’ve also seen what a family business looks like and have come to appreciate that family business is about much more than what’s being produced and sold.

Being part of a family business embodies a different kind of connection and dedication. You’re not only defining a portion of who you are through this business, but you’re also representing your family.

You not only have to figure out who you are in the business and who you are in your family, you have to figure out your identity as a family member in the business. By its nature, family business elicits a different type of connection and love for what you do. It’s not just owning a business, it’s loving the process and the business itself, and it’s about legacy.

What Do You Want to be Known For?

I believe this is a question that should be continually asked, no matter your age. It’s never too early or too late to consider the impact you want to leave in this world. More importantly, I’ve learned that the way to leave a legacy is by taking small, measurable steps.

The Impact of Now

As you might expect of a 23-year-old, right now I’m focusing on me. I spend my time thinking about my career, my passions, and focusing on the now. I absolutely think about the future and where I want to be in 10 years, however right now in this moment, I’m giving myself permission to focus on the now. I will become the best me at this stage in my life.

I talked about the dedication it takes to own a family business: I learned from my father that this lesson applies to all aspects of life.

Focus on the now, give 100% of the effort you have available in that moment, and use it to shape and determine what you are looking for out of your career.

So to answer my initial question, what does a 23-year-old professional have to offer? I can show you what it truly means to focus on the now. I can show you that age does not predicate work ethic, values, or career path. Your willingness to focus on the now, your willingness to give 100% of your available effort, and your willingness to define yourself is what it comes down to. You define you.

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