Beyond the Name: My Thank You Note to You

Beyond the Name ReleaseI want to thank my daughter, Alyssa Patmos, for being my guest contributor last week while I was on vacation. And, thank you to all of you who commented on Alyssa’s post. Family business is both humbling and exceptional, as many of you know.

When I was growing-up, a part of Christmas Day was the required writing of the Thank You Notes. A chore to my sister and I as kids, the thank you notes were a requirement that we fulfilled rather than an expression that we valued and really thought about. Each thank you note went something like this:

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The Contributor and The Consumer

The Contributor and The Consumer Brent Patmos

In the business of family business, I often hear people say that knowledge is power or that we have to be lifelong learners. As a result of these statements, there’s a critical message that can’t be overlooked. The application of knowledge can’t be forgotten.Read more

Preparing Yourself to Lead the Family Business

preparing to lead a family business

Leaders of family businesses are facing the crisis of “they didn't prepare me for that.”

It’s leaving them feeling overwhelmed and under-prepared. They recognize that in the family business structure, there is often no “they” to step in and prepare them.

It’s the sentiment I’ve heard, in varying forms, throughout the course of my work with family-owned businesses.Read more

Positive Juice & Healthful Tips to Thinking Beyond Boundaries

Healthful Tips to Thinking Beyond Boundaries

Not long ago, a client of mine said this during a conversation, “Sometimes what I need is a good glass of positive juice.”

This is a focused person with great capacity who runs a successful company. The word driven comes to mind when I think of him. Yet, in the midst of what had been a roller coaster of a week, what he was asking for was something that we all need.

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The Linebacker of Your Sales Team

Everyone wants a linebacker on his or her sales team.

“The qualities that help you win on the field are the same qualities that help you win in business,” one of my clients, a former linebacker, recently told me during a sales advancement session.

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How to Deliver Your Absolute Best...Action Ahead of Intent

Recently, someone asked me how she could recognize if she had delivered her absolute best to her customer. This question is simplex--simple yet also complex.

We often believe that thinking happens automatically. We are used to following scripts. When someone says “How are you?” We often respond, “Good. How are you?” without thinking.

Following social scripts like these is advantageous when maintaining the status quo. However, being our absolute best requires more. It requires purposeful thinking and mindfulness. We need a new starting point, not the standard that has been reinforced for years. We must think beyond our environment.

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OBSESSION: The Pathway to Excellence

Obsession: The Pathway to Excellence“I think everybody who is successful is obsessed with something in some way or another.”

I love conversations that make me think. A colleague of mine said this as we were finishing a meeting last week and I have been considering this thought since.

High performance business leaders, just like high performance athletes, often have something they obsess over that makes them that way. For a pitcher, it may be obsessing over his technique to throw a 95-mile per hour fastball. For a track star, it may be obsessing over her training routine to run her fastest 100 yard dash. For business leaders, the obsessions are less about physical components and more about what they know maximizes their company’s performance. Leaders may obsess over company culture, their people, safety, organizational structure, etc. Read more

How many hats are you wearing in your family held company?

When you work in a private or public organization, your role is clearly defined; you do not face the ambiguity that comes with family and ownership. However, when you hold a position in your family company it gets complicated. As a shareholder member of the family you wear more than one hat. The tough part is figuring out which hat to wear when faced with a particular situation.

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