Think about a time you were so passionate and purposeful about something that you were compelled to take action. Recall a moment when you had an idea pop into your head at an odd time or while you were doing something seemingly unrelated to thinking about that idea. You know what I’m talking about. It’s that thought that you tell yourself to hold onto and not let go of before you have a chance to text yourself or write it down. That idea that is so right on target that your internal energy and mental drive are measurable through body language, verbal expression and internal measures such as heart rate.

Ideas Into Action

Our brains are amazing tools. When we stop the noise, reduce the clutter and eliminate the blind spots that take up too much of our brain space, we readily discover how powerful our thoughts and ideas can be in the direction of our lives and careers.

Have you ever tried to listen when there’s an excess of background noise? Have you ever tried to get a project finished, only to be interrupted multiple times? Have you ever tried to see something clearly when the sun is glaring in your eyes? Have you ever tried to listen to an idea that your son or daughter has when your mind’s made-up before they began talking? In each case, we’re being confronted with a barrier to a breakthrough and we owe it to ourselves to eliminate those barriers and turn more of our ideas into action.

The Start of Perpetual Development

Before it was Perpetual Development, Inc. it was Professional Potential. Why the change? It happened while I was running/jogging/fast walking/lumbering. I’m a big guy so running was never really the exercise most aligned with my body type. I digress.

In one of those breakthrough moments that I described above, the word perpetual came into my mind and I thought “that’s it.” Professional Potential wasn’t a bad name but I had been thinking long and hard about the emphasis of the company name. It was developed quickly after Carlton passed away and I didn’t feel it reflected the full scope of my passion or purpose. It wasn’t just about potential it was about an on-going and never-ending focus around the potential that each person possesses.

Just as quickly, the word development followed. “Perpetual Development” I said to myself over and over for the next several minutes. It was like the idea vault had been unlocked in my head and within the next week the articles of incorporation were filed and Perpetual Development became an Arizona Corporation formerly known as Professional Potential.

The Importance of the Wave

Clarity is what we discover when we arrive at an idea that needs to be turned into action. The clarity of our intent and purpose is defined in the moments where those ideas actually become our actions.

If you were to come to my home or office you would discover pictures of waves, paintings of waves, glass sculptures of waves and books about waves. I am both intrigued and fascinated, some would say obsessed, by waves and here’s the reason why. The water that comes in is the same water that goes out and it continues in this cycle over and over repeatedly. It’s as if the flow of water in waves is endless and uninterrupted.

The wave is a very important part of Perpetual Development for this reason. As our logo, the wave symbolizes the crashing of barriers, the creation of breakthroughs and the never-ending and ongoing pursuit of helping to develop the potential in people. This is the PDI Purpose. The wave is our visual reminder and reinforcement.

Adapt, Change, Evolve

If you study a wave, you’ll notice how it adapts, changes and evolves as it comes into the shore and retreats back again. The same is true of people who are aware of, and focus on, their own perpetual development. They’re constantly adapting, changing and evolving. It’s an ongoing and never-ending process.

What began exclusively as a sales training company has adapted, changed and evolved into an organization focused on preserving and advancing the legacy and leadership of family-owned businesses. While the focus of our work has changed, the purpose of developing the potential in people on an ongoing basis has not and will not.

#Thoughtstarter – Where have you adapted, changed and evolved the most in your life or career?

Final Thought

The ability to help someone recognize and develop the potential they know exists or that they may have never seen in themselves is both gratifying and humbling. Each week, you are among a continually growing group of people who read and engage with Thoughtwave. Our community of readers are exceptionally committed and for that I want to say thank you. I have valued your input and thoughts and I have been truly appreciative of your desire and intent to think beyond boundaries, crash through barriers and be compelled to take action as a part of your perpetual development. Your readership and comments are valued. Keep them coming.

With clarity,

P.S. I’d love to hear about a time you were compelled to take action. Leave me a note in the comments.