Translated from Latin to English, Duc In Altum means head into the deep or go out into the deep.

I never studied Latin so I’m thankful for Google Translate. I’m also thankful for my mom and all that she means to me and for everything that she has done for me. I’m thankful for the influence of my grandmothers. My mom’s mom and my dad’s mom both helped shape the person I am today in significant ways.

Each of these women, along with my wife, reminds me of the importance of what it means to go out into the deep—to throw the nets into the water and believe in a BIG catch.

These are women of perspective who have helped shape my life, influencing me to this day. These are/were my earliest encouragers and influencers. My dad not excluded, mom was the first manager I ever knew or experienced. She was responsible for controlling and administering a large part of the business of family.

In her numerous roles as operations manager, transportation director, financial advisor, director of personnel and procurement specialist she understood “lean management” before it became popular.

There’s only a certain amount of time and resources that we are given daily and to this day, mom knows how to maximize the return on investment for both.

Her motherly wisdom, which while growing up seemed like a serious contradiction, is a cornerstone of how I operate today. On a regular basis, mom would remind me that my growth and advancement depended on me. I had to “own it.” She would also reinforce the idea that “demanding what you want is far less impressive than demonstrating why you have earned it.” Mom’s perspective was that “what you think about you bring about.” Insights like these are deep, both in meaning and in the love with which they are given.

Recently, someone asked me my view on what I had been given in life, that which I had no choice over. When I think about the draw I got on the mom card—I recognize, now more than ever, how fortunate and blessed I am.

Thanks Mom. Happy Mother’s Day to you and to all other moms as well.

Duc In Altum,