Last week I talked about expansion and its direct connection to awareness and learning.

My objective is to help multiply leadership mindsets that focus on fueling excellence and the purposeful development of people in the workplace.

What you learn is the direct result of exposing yourself to more experiences, broader mindsets and perspectives other than your own. This quote from last week sums up my thoughts on limiting awareness by limiting exposure and it’s worth repeating.

“In today’s global marketplace and ever-changing business climate, it’s not enough to repeat the same year of experience 25 times and believe that it represents innovation. It’s also not enough to define the boundaries of your world within a 50-mile radius and believe you possess a global mindset.”

Five Important Ideas

Last week I said I’d share five important ideas that you’ll want to consider as you develop people and shape the remainder of your year. Each of these ideas are the result of Johnny C. Taylor Jr., Executive Director of SHRM, helping me expand my awareness.

    1. Defining a business strategy requires that you first define a people strategy. Simple but clear. The right people will help you define the right strategy and the wrong people will help you define the wrong strategy.
    2. Strategy can be broken down into three elements.
      • Corporate Strategy – What business and in which business should we compete?
      • Business Strategy – How do we compete?
      • People Strategy – What talent do we need to compete?
        It’s so logical, it’s painful. How will your people strategy fuel your corporate and business strategy in 2020?
    3. The success of talent acquisition is about three guiding principles.
      • Recruit for competency and hire for fit. Cultural disaster is the result of doing it the other way around.
      • Be clear about what your company is about.
      • Most importantly – Be crystal clear with candidates about who they will be working for as their boss. This is about one thing and that’s the subculture the person will live in every day. (This single thought was worth my conference fee and my time in attending.)
    4. Achieving diversity in the workplace was hard but it has been achieved overall. Inclusion of people in the workplace is far harder and there’s a long way to go. We must stop vilifying entire groups of people or generations. These types of generalizations are fraught with disaster.
    5. There are currently 5.8 million people looking for jobs. There are 7.1 million jobs available. Birth rates are in decline and the number of college graduates is decreasing as well. Leaders need to recognize that this is a math problem. As such, employers need to recognize that turnover is real and something to be predicted and accepted at some level. The most aware leaders recognize that in today’s employment landscape, something like a job offer has taken on a new purpose. It’s no longer serves as an offer; its primary purpose is an invitation into your company’s culture.

#Thoughtstarter – Quotes to Consider

Rick Bowers, President of TTISI offered the following two quotes as a part of our annual conference on realizing human potential. They immediately grabbed my attention. Something to consider in shaping your year ahead.

“It’s the responsibility of leaders to create an environment in which people can be their best. An environment in which they can thrive and achieve results for themselves and their company.”

“Courage is best defined as knowing someone has your back and you having someone else’s back.”

Make your effort purposeful. Shape your year ahead by increasing your awareness and expanding your mindset. Then go do something with what you learn.


P.S. I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments.

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