What Tough Questions are You Willing to Ask?

Leadership comes from questions asked, not statements made.


When a company stops running like a machine and begins growing and advancing like the intelligent, living and breathing organism that it is.

How results-driven is your company?

The environments in which businesses operate, are by their nature – unpredictable. However, this unpredictable world can be mastered by certain leaders whose mindset allows them to measurably and sustainably advance profitability. This mindset permits them to objectively keep their focus on the future while dealing with the complexity and chaos that business—people, culture and performance—represents.

These leaders allow the intelligence of the company to be the primary driver rather than the leaders themselves. They understand that their business is both intelligent and fully alive.

As such, if nurtured by leadership, their business will come up with more ideas, innovations, and solutions than they ever could individually.

In order to see an increase in profitability, leaders must first understand their capacity to advance people, culture and performance. These leaders believe that profit is not a target to be achieved.

Rather, it is the quantifiable measure of how well they did in creating connectivity between all other elements. The measure of how they allowed their company to live and grow fully to the capacity of its potential.

Leverage Perpetual Development to move from performance intuition to profitability insight.

When Organizations Get Honest: They Evaluate Emotional Intelligence.

Intelligence is rarely demonstrated in the statements people make. Instead, the questions someone is willing to ask and the depth to which they are willing to listen determine the true measure of intelligence.

Advancing performance that results in exceptional profitability is the art of growing your company along the fine line between structure and chaos.

Thought Starters

Ask yourself, as a leader, how purposeful are you at creating productive agitation? How purposeful are you at challenging people to think, ignite innovation and advance performance breakthroughs?

How well do you do this at the level of their capacity and not simply to the level of your competition?

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