As a business owner, you set the pace in your organization. Are your people driven to perform? Are they operating outside their comfort zone? Are they meeting or surpassing your performance expectations in sales? Exceptional profitability is the outcome of developing and sustaining a performance-driven culture. Your ability to adapt, and your resiliency in dealing with adversity while sustainably driving performance are a measure of your leadership performance.

Are you a resilient leader that is able to maintain your focus on your business goals, and rapidly adapt to the daily pressures and problems inherent in starting or building a business? You can develop and enhance your leadership resiliency and performance. A high performance leader is measured by outcomes in exceptional profitability, advancement and sustained growth.

Ask yourself these questions about your level of resilient leadership:

  • Are you persistent, pursuing your goals despite the obstacles that arise?
  • Are you able to handle rejection and listen to criticism with objectivity?
  • Do you take initiative to engage your core resource, your people, to help you achieve your goals?
  • Are your problem-solving skills affecting positive change and advancement in performance and profitability?
  • Are you flexible, and able to adapt to new challenges and circumstances easily?
  • Do you feel personally accountable for the attitudes and decisions you make in your business?