The Complete Leader adds Brent Patmos to faculty

Ron Price welcomes Brent Patmos to The Complete Leader faculty. In this podcast, Brent shares key insights that have shaped his leadership  and defines why thinking is a critical part of how leaders influence people everyday. In joining The Complete Leader faculty, Brent’s emphasis will be on helping leaders develop and evolve clear thinking skills.

Achieve Peak Performance from a Board of Directors

Selecting a board of directors is a critical stage in building a business, be it a privately held/family owned firm or a public corporation. The first step in achieving peak performance from the Board of Directors is selecting board members that are a good match for the organization. Board members should share an organizations core […]

30 Minutes to Better Business Performance

In just 30 minutes a day, you can outthink the competition. Thinking specifically about something is regularly interrupted or delayed because of “everything else” that has to get done. The outcome; dedicated thought to a specific topic such as understanding a problem, challenge or advancing performance rarely occurs on a regular basis. It’s much more […]

10 Mistakes to Avoid in Handing Down a Family Business

Not making the time to plan early enough. Making decisions to fill key positions with family members based upon emotion and bias, rather than an actual “fit” for that position. Placing close relatives into these key positions without first getting an objective assessment to verify the inherent skills to be acting in those positions. No […]