Resilient Business Leadership: Developing a Performance-Driven Culture

As a business owner, you set the pace in your organization. Are your people driven to perform? Are they operating outside their comfort zone? Are they meeting or surpassing your performance expectations in sales? Exceptional profitability is the outcome of developing and sustaining a performance-driven culture. Your ability to adapt, and your resiliency in dealing […]

10 Tips to Advance Profitability in Family-Owned Businesses

Keep your people consistently informed about your business goals in a weekly meeting. Reward high performers – not your friends, family or favorites, unless they are the top performers. Take sufficient time to plan out a comprehensive, achievable strategy for the next quarter. Put your people in the picture about the current business goals, and continue […]

Family Owned Businesses: Culture and Profitability

Your family owned business has a unique culture. Are you certain you understand it? The energy, focus, spirit and level of personal accountability of the people in your organization are indicators of your current culture. Are you, as a leader, spending all of your time solving problems and reacting to adversity? Are you prepared to […]

Your Company’s Culture and the Impact on Performance and Profitability

The culture in your business is a measurable quantity. Performance levels, energy and intensity are key elements in your company’s current culture. These can be quantified. A focus on tactical actions that affect the performance, people and alignment within the organization are essential to increasing profits.  Profit is the outcome and measure of how well […]

What’s the Readiness Index of your Salespeople?

Readiness defined is referenced as the state of being fully prepared for something. Index defined is referenced as an indicator, sign or measure. So here’s the question: What’s your sales readiness index? Advancing Sales The best way to identify salespeople with a high sales readiness index is by what they do instead of what they […]