It’s the final quarter… of 2018. It’s hard to believe, isn’t it? In preparation for Q4, we’re sharing our most popular Thoughtwave editions from earlier this year. Check out one you may have missed, or give them all a read with fresh eyes to see how you can purposefully attack Q4.

  1.   My Communication Pet Peeves
    June 12th
    Brent explains his top three communication pet peeves and why they are HIS problem, not yours.
  2. Communication or Manipulation? Can You Tell the Difference?
    April 24th
    Brent discusses “be real or be gone” and the differences between communication and manipulation in leadership.
  3.  Are We Seeing the End of Meaningful Differentiation Among Sales Professionals?
    February 21st
    Brent discusses differentiation among your sales professionals and gaining mindshare with your customer.

Looking for more as you head into Q4? View the Thoughtwave Archive here. (Rhyme included, but not intended).View all of them by clicking here.

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