Every fall for the past three years, my team and I have brought you the Thoughtstarter Challenge to help you maximize you by thinking deliberately and then implementing purposefully.

Change and Evolution

While the fall often brings a dose of energy to organizations, we wanted to change things up this year. This past summer I wrote about the evolution occurring at Perpetual Development. As a part of that evolution, we acknowledged that doing the same thing day after day, or year after year, with a limited awareness as to why, does nothing to maximize potential or break through boundaries.

We know why we created the Thoughtstarter challenge, but we didn’t have a concrete reason for doing it in the fall which is why we’re shifting it this year.

How It’s Changing

To start, you won’t be seeing the Thoughtstarter Challenge until after the New Year. Rather than closing out the year with the Challenge, we’ve elected to have it lead off 2020, so that you can start your year with a fresh sense of clarity. We think it’ll be the perfect addition to your January.

Additionally, we’re evolving the accompanying workbook to be more user-friendly. You’ll still see the same question and answer format, and now you can track your progress and discover activities that let you take what you learn and put it into action. 

Lastly, the 2020 Thoughtstarter Challenge will push you in ways it hasn’t before. It’s more personal,  a bit more raw, and will require you to think outside of your comfort zone. The theme for 2020 is the relentless pursuit of excellence.

I’m excited to share this new experience with you in 2020.

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With Purpose,


P.S. What happened to fall? We seem to have skipped ahead to winter in many parts of the country which has us prematurely thinking about the holidays. How do you stay motivated as we move into the holiday season? Share your insights with us in the comments and we’ll share them in a future Thoughtwave.

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