A Thoughtwave hasn’t hit your inbox for 10 weeks. I want to simply say that I’m glad to be back.

For eight-plus weeks, each of us has confronted our own unique situations both personally and professionally. We’ve fought the fight and are still engaged in the battles of now and what’s ahead. This has been a time of extreme learning and expansion.

We have seen commitment defined and demonstrated as people joined together in the trenches to confront the challenges and difficulties with an uncompromising determination. Experiences shared with people allow us to be fully aware and appreciative of what they go through at the deepest levels in their families, their businesses, their lives and their communities.

During this period of time, my focus was less on writing about what we’ve experienced and more on being fully present and participative with the people whose companies and livelihoods have been relentlessly challenged. My emphasis has been, and will continue to be, on moving the information and insight between leaders to help them develop strategies and navigate their situations. This is a time of adaptation, flexibility and stability in the moments, minutes, hours and days. This is about essential decisions made with a real-time focus.

My return to Thoughtwave, and being back in your inbox, begins with a renewed awareness and a uniquely energized focus on purpose. Each of those centers on a commitment to the people who limitlessly dedicate themselves to the privately-held, family-owned and closely-held businesses in this country and around the world.

Please accept my thanks for what you do every day. You have affirmed my purpose to help you think beyond boundaries and maximize your capacity and ability.

With thanks for all that you do and all that you have done to keep this country thriving,

Please watch my video tribute using the following link:
A Tribute to Family Business

P.S. Want to share how a leader in your privately-held or family-owned business demonstrated uncompromising determination? Do so in the comments.

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