There’s a reason that breaks and vacations exist. Both provide the opportunity for us to gain or regain perspective. Both give us the opportunity to energize, re-energize and gain even greater clarity.

In my world, things move quickly and there’s never a lack of goals, achievements or objectives to accomplish. Many times self-induced, the pace of my days is consistently faster than slower. It’s how I’m wired and I’m grateful that this is how I was created. I’ve learned to embrace it and stopped apologizing for it a long time ago. It’s not for everybody, which is good, because this isn’t everybody’s life.

To take on each day as a new day and not rehash the day before is a view I value. It’s more about bringing a fresh perspective to a new day than it is about not reflecting on what occurred in previous days. In order to maintain a fresh perspective, breaks and vacations are a requirement, not an option.

In order to write well, you learn to value consistency. Writing coaches have told me that in order to become a better writer, I need to write between 500 and 2,000 words a day about anything. I just need to write. The same could, and should, be said about most things that we look to master. We must value the consistency of the practice and the work.

And yes… believe it or not, consistency also relates to knowing how to take breaks and vacations well. Not a view I understood for many years and one I’ve come to appreciate. Why? Not solely because of age or wisdom, but rather because of me knowing me. It’s about my own self-awareness. After all, the better I am to myself, the better I am for you.

The value of simple logic that makes sense is based on one thing…SIMPLE. I’ve often thought that the following sign should literally be hung outside my head on the front of my face. (Got the visual?)

“BRB. In order for me to be the best version of me, a break/vacation was required.”

A bit of a different approach; let me encourage you to think beyond boundaries about what you just read.

So, here’s what’s happening. I’m going to take a vacation and I’m going to take a writing break from Thoughtwave. During the month of June, I’ve lined up four people to contribute their thoughts and perspectives through their writing. Each guest has selected a topic and view that’s unique to them individually. Each person is at a different stage or place in their life and/or career. I trust you’ll enjoy reading what they have to share.

I’m looking forward to reconnecting with each of you in July with even greater clarity and energy around my writing and around Thoughtwave.

Be Authentic. Be Purposeful. Make it Meaningful

P.S. The guest bloggers will be revealed on my Instagram (@PerpetualDevelopment) today!