We work with leaders and organizations committed to awareness and focused on creating lasting impact.

After nearly three decades working with privately-held and family-owned businesses, here’s what we know about creating lasting impact:

Opportunity lies behind objectivity. 
Growing a thriving business requires more than opinion. Evaluating opportunities requires objective insights  Objective insights are crucial to uncovering where to direct efforts.

Your people are your potential.
You’re only as strong as your people. Understanding the behaviors, motivators, competencies, and aspirations of your people offers the greatest return on investment.

The energy of the company is something to be continuously refined.
There’s a purpose behind every company. Aligning your people around that purpose creates unparalleled energy and performance.

Profit is a result of cohesion.
Your profitability is human-led, not financial- or operations-driven. Companies must create a culture of cohesion in order to elevate their performance.

What you choose to measure matters.
You choose what you value by what you choose to measure. Picking the right measurements and indicators is the only way to ensure you’re staying on track.

Our Areas of Focus

What do your people really mean to your business?

Your people are your starting point for turning expectations into results. Perpetual Development helps you know which of your people are performing and where to invest next. Transform your people from problem finders to solution creators with Perpetual Development.

Are your people satisfied or merely engaged?

Your culture is the product of all that impacts the spirit, people, performance, and profitability of your company. You may not be able to see your company culture visually, but it’s certainly something that’s felt. We help clients elevate their cultures by objectively assessing and quantifying how your people do what they do, why they do it, how they feel, and their emotional intelligence. The result? A cohesive, performance-driven culture.

What are your people doing to increase performance?

When people within a company begin to fully understand, acknowledge, and measure 
how they contribute to profitability, they start owning the performance of the company. We help you take the guesswork out of your people’s contribution.

What tough questions are you willing to ask?

Profitability happens when a company stops running like a machine and begins growing and advancing like the intelligent, living, breathing organism that it is. In order to see an increase in profitability, leaders must first understand their capacity to advance people, culture and performance.

The best leaders believe that profit is not a target to be achieved. Rather, they believe profit is the quantifiable measure of how well they did in creating connectivity between all other elements of the business. We help leaders move from performance intuition to profitability insight.

What if you could take a future look into your company to help improve performance?

It’s hard for business leaders who are bombarded by issues daily, to take the time to articulate what’s occurring. There’s a growing suspicion that something is creating a problem, but it’s hard to identify what “it” is. Companies that thrive know that what you can name you can measure, and what you can measure you can improve. We help companies turn information into opportunity.

Leadership comes from questions asked, not statements made. What tough questions are you willing to ask?