When we arrive at this time of the year, there’s a feeling of shock that it’s rolled around again so quickly. Since time is consistent, there’s really no difference in the speed from one date to another. We have our perception, a constantly changing landscape and pace of activity to thank for this perceived acceleration. This is no different than when time seems to stand still and we can’t explain why.

There’s no doubt that this time of year also brings about a heightened reflection or consideration about where we find ourselves. It’s a time of year that seems to bring the personal measuring tape out the toolbox.

The measurement of personal awareness is the reason we always need to be asking ourselves three critical questions.

  1. Where have I been?
  2. Where am I at?
  3. Where am I going?

Where We’ve Been

At the end of 2018, I shared a blog in which I said I want 2019 to be filled with wildly crazy success. I encouraged each of you to send me a topic to write about that’s important to you. I asked you to send me the biggest challenges you faced professionally this year, especially within family business. Through your support in this mission, we were able to continue to grow our community of leaders and readers who impact privately-held and family-owned businesses.

At the end of 2018 what personal and professional goals were you setting to achieve in 2019?

Where We Are

2019 was a year of wildly crazy success. With the support of the Thoughtwave community, I was able to address more relevant topics: offboarding, the over-casualization of the office, and forgotten business etiquette to name a few (more on that next week). Through social media, we brought recognition to over 30 family businesses across the United States. I traveled from coast to coast working with clients and helping their businesses grow into future generations. I advised many of my coaching clients as they stepped into executive roles. And here at PDI, we moved into a larger office that will allow us to facilitate new types of engagements.

Did you achieve the goals you set out to accomplish in 2019? Why or why not?

Where We’re Going

With this success, I’m ready and motivated to bring you more. It will all start with the 2020 Thoughtstarter Challenge on January 6th. This is only the beginning.

In 2020 you can look forward to the release of my new book, the acceptance of applications to an elite LinkedIn group for emerging executives, and the release of new resources to move you and your business to the next level.

After reflecting on 2019, what new goals are you setting for 2020? 

My theme for 2020?
The relentless pursuit of excellence. 

So I hope you’re ready. Ready for me to support and challenge you. Ready for me to help you achieve results.

With enthusiasm for the year ahead.


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