I’m a challenger by nature. It’s reflected in the questions asked of myself and the people who recognize and value individual growth.

I’m constantly challenging my team. I challenge them to increase their awareness, think at a higher level, improve their communication and take the time to reflect. Why? First and foremost, because I care about them. They value growth and we care about and respect our clients. Secondly, because they fully embrace challenging me in the same way.

In our office you will hear questions like:

  • What/where did we do well?
  • How can we do better?
  • What should we have done differently?
  • How can we improve/maximize the client experience and our standard?

Here’s my take and one you’re not likely to hear often. As a leader, the ability to positively challenge others to maximize who they have the potential to be, begins by continually challenging yourself at the same level.

Progression is rarely recognized without persistence and perseverance. Why? Because our response to any challenge is what determines the level of our progression. Perpetual development, or never-ending growth, is the result of how we process and respond to the various challenges that we face every day.

No push internally means no progression externally.

How we continually identify, define and maximize our potential contributes to the outcomes of our future.

Rarely, do I invest in challenging people who don’t want to grow, advance and prosper. There’s little to no use because they don’t really want to be challenged and challenge to them represents a sort of bold confrontation rooted in negativity. Nothing could be farther from reality. Challenging someone positively offers the greatest demonstration of respect, worth and value toward a person.

Think about it… Why would we invest our mental energy, emphasis and priority in someone that we knew wasn’t going to listen or pay attention to anything that we had to say. We wouldn’t because they clearly suffer from the delusion of their own distortion.

Our Mindset

CANI … constant and never-ending improvement. Nothing is ever truly finished or perfect. There is ALWAYS room for improvement. You can only grow if you understand there is room to grow. This is about believing that there’s more inside of us than we even recognized or imagined. By contrast, it’s not about a bunch of empty platitudes that take us nowhere other than inside our own head with no practical exit.

So, how does one achieve CANI?


In 2016 I introduced the first #ThoughtstarterChallenge. The last two years of feedback received from our community of readers was so impactful that the #ThoughtstarterChallenge will return November 26th.

Like last year, the #ThoughtstarterChallenge will be 15 days and will be broken up over 3 business weeks (5 days each week in one email per week). Each challenge week will have a specific emphasis designed to help you challenge yourself in multiple areas of your life:

  • Week 1 – Challenge Yourself to Reflect at a Higher Level
  • Week 2 – Challenge Yourself to Think at a Higher Level
  • Week 3 – Challenge Yourself to Communicate (Do) at a Higher Level

If one email per week does not keep you on track, you can engage with the Thoughtstarter Challenge daily on our Instagram and Twitter:

Instagram: @PerpetualDevelopment
Twitter: @BrentPatmos

Thoughtstarters have one purpose. They exist to help you maximize you by thinking deliberately and then applying purposefully.

This year’s #ThoughtstarterChallenge begins Monday, November 26th. Sign up below to join the challenge. Let’s challenge ourselves together.


Until next time,

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