We’re in the midst of the holiday season and with this time of year comes the anticipation of receiving cards, either in your inbox or your mailbox. Which are your favorite to receive? The long letter with the update on life? The photo card bringing memories of family and friends? The stock card with a personal message?

I like cards and letters that are real. Those that are personally written, have meaning and give value to relationships.  I’m not a fan of those that get sent as a gesture or requirement and have no message other than trite generic words that are imprinted by a machine. It’s like telling someone that you thought of them but gave no thought about what you wrote to them.

I keep this in mind every week when I write Thoughtwave. I want each TW to have meaning and speak to our community of readers. Thoughtwave was started with the intent to create a positive disruption that differentiates. It’s not about being mainstream or contrarian. It’s about being real in a way that will never be allowed to become generic.

In 2019 I look forward to bringing you topics that are the most relevant to you. Many of you have asked me to write about a specific topic that’s important to you and that’s exactly what I’m going to do throughout the year. Here’s a sample of Thoughtwaves from topics you’ve suggested.

  1. How to Handle the Black Sheep in Business
  2. The Business of Family Business: Why debt and stress go together.
  3. Branding Your Business
  4. Retirement? Yes or No? Knowing When to Go.

And so much more.

Whether you’re a new manager, mid-level or senior manager, or you own the company, I’m devoted to bringing you useful information.

My appreciation for your readership is perpetual.

I encourage each of you to send me a topic to write about that’s important to you. Think of one of the biggest challenges you faced professionally this year, especially within family business. Because you’re going through it, someone else is too. Let’s work together to continue to create a community of leaders and readers who cause privately-held and family-owned  businesses to thrive. Email your comments and ideas to me directly at:  Brent@PerpetualDevelopment.com

Your ideas and thoughts are full of potential. Especially when you use your perspectives and thoughts to expand your awareness and the awareness of others. Your ideas matter and I’m listening.

Together, let’s create WILDLY CRAZY SUCCESS. However you define it.

Enjoy the holidays and I’m going to do the same. Thoughtwave will be back shortly after the start of the new year.

Talk to you in 2019!

Be real. Be purposeful. Make it meaningful.

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