Can you identify a time when you were a roadblock to your own success?

Maybe you overthought something when you should have taken action. Maybe you weren’t receptive to a new/different idea because it challenged your norm or what you knew. Maybe you focused so much on others that you didn’t focus on yourself. Did you miss the forest for the trees?  Maybe you lacked an awareness. Whatever the case, it’s time to get out of your own way.

I know a promising young entrepreneur. He’s extremely bright and talented. He connects and communicates with confidence, but he has one problem… He’s standing in his own way. He’s so focused on his own path and methods that he overlooks, or fails to consider, who his clients are and what they’re striving to achieve. He doesn’t take the time to self-reflect and gain the awareness of his own roadblocks.

Like so many of us, he doesn’t need more lessons, he simply needs to get out of his own way.

Assessment, Awareness and Advancement

The starting point of my work with people and companies is assessment. Most often, that involves an owner/exec/manager/leader completing an actual assessment. The assessment offers value and objectivity in understanding personal strengths and limitations. Quite simply, these are the two factors of awareness that either accelerate advancement or become potential roadblocks to success. These roadblocks are the things that stop or slow you from getting what you want.

What To Do With a Roadblock?

When we face roadblocks, the best option is to deal with them so they don’t stall progress.

Waze, the mapping app, has two primary objectives. The first is to provide the most efficient route to get you where you’re going and the second is to keep you moving. How does Waze accomplish this? Aside from a whole lot of technology, the app integrates user feedback and reporting on what’s going on in real time.

There’s nothing more frustrating than being stalled and feeling like you’re going nowhere. In that moment, Waze doesn’t give users lessons on how to drive, it helps them navigate the best course of action in dealing with the situation and current conditions. Waze relies on a community of users that help each other navigate the potential roadblocks that will be confronted along a chosen route of travel.

Your Community of Users

Like Waze Users (a.k.a. – Wazers) you can learn from your own community of connections. (a.k.a. – Mentors) Effective mentors don’t give you lessons on how to lead, they offer you awareness and guidance based on their real-life experiences. You get to choose the best course of action in dealing with current conditions and situations. Mentors help you develop an awareness of your strengths and limitations. They help you get out of your own way.

Five Ways Effective Mentors Help You Get Out of Your Own Way:

  1. They ask you the questions that make you think, reflect and increase your self-awareness. Ultimately, the questions they ask are helping define a course of action that helps you achieve what you want.
  2. They focus on you. They don’t focus on their achievements or accomplishments. Your successful outcome is the measure of their success and a failure is shared.
  3. Their influence takes a work with approach. They’re willing to be vulnerable and experiences are shared in a way that forms a relatable connection.
  4. They will challenge you to maximize your capacity and often times see things in you that you don’t see in yourself.
  5. They’re relentlessly objective with you and you being comfortable with every idea isn’t their primary objective. Your evolution and advancement is their “why.”


How do you deal with roadblocks in your awareness, understanding or career? Let me encourage you to get out of your own way.


P.S. Do you have a mentor who had a positive impact on your life? Share about them in the comments.

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